Hello all. I’ve decided to buckle under what is probably imaginary pressure or merely the weight of sheer boredom and start a blog. This blog is an outlet for me to share my thoughts, frustrations and praises surrounding the world of sports, or at least to mainly do that. Since I’ve moved to Louisville, my love for and attention to sports hasn’t waned, but in many ways my discussions of what I watch and listen to have. I left behind some dedicated sports fan friends in my hometown and I no longer find myself getting into two hour grudge matches with people about controversial calls or heated arguments about how many yards Barry Sanders ended his career with.

That being said, I plan on discussing the sports I have the most knowledge about for the most part, but will of course overreach and voice my opinion on things I know very little about as well. That’s the fun part of writing about sports in the first place if you ask me. The bottom line is I feel like I need to let this stuff out and even if it ends up being simply a one-sided missive into the vacuum of the world wide web, Bo Jackson’s Hip is here and ready for consumption.

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